Hiking the Great Glen Way: From Laggan to Fort William

There are a couple of multi-day long-distance paths in Scotland. The best-known ones are the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way.

Unfortunately, I only had a couple of days to spare in Scotland in the summer of 2022, so I could not walk both paths completely. Therefore I made a selection.

The first walk I decided to make was the Great Glen Way from Lagan to Fort William. The total length would be 41 km. However, I decided to stop at Corpach. Which made the journey 2 km shorter. Corpach is also the last lock of the Caledonian canal to the sea, so that is how I justified my shortcut…

Making this shortcut was a good idea. I usually walk no more than 20-30 km on any given day, and after 30 km I really started to feel pains in muscles I never realized I had in the first place…

During the first part of the journey, in the morning, I encountered a lot of rain. Fortunately, the weather improved in the course of the day.

From Lagan I first passed Kilfinnan. A kind of sheep colony on the banks of Loch Lochy.

Soon I was able to enjoy the rugged landscape of the Scottish Highlands.

Walking through the Kilfinnan Forest, I could see Loch Lochy ahead of me.

After walking through the Kilfinnan Forest, I passed Glas-dhoire. A very scenic place. Apparently, wild camping is allowed here.

I am not really a flower person, but I loved the Bell Heather flowers along the entire way!

The views on Loch Lochy were threatening, and stunning at the same time.

Near Clunes, at the southern side of the Loch, the cost line became really interesting. Sometimes it looked like a delta in a swamp, other times like a Mediterranean beach.

This was also the first time I saw ferns – load of them!

Along the >10km long, and, quite honestly, often boring, walk along the Caledonian canal, there were a couple of swing bridges. This was the one at Moy.

Finally, the end is in sight: the radio mast near the Neptune Staircase.

One of the 8 locks of the Neptune staircase complex.

This is the lighthouse of Corpach. At Corpach the last lock is located, separating the Caledonian channel from the sea. It was also the end point of my journey.

You can see the video I made on YouTube

All pictures were taken with the Panasonic Lumix S5 camera and the Lumix 20-60 3.5-5.6 lens

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