About me – Contact

How can people contact you?

By sending an email to dutchaperture ‘at’ gmail.com

What kind of subjects do you photograph?

I am an all-round photographer and shoot almost everything. From corporate events to marriages, and from portraits to landscapes.

What is your drive for photography?

I feel blessed to be a child of God and to be able to enjoy His creation. I like to capture the greatness of His creation and what we humans do with and to it,  in all its diversity. Whether it is people, an event, nature or art.

Which criteria do you use to decide to publish your work or not?

From Steve Jobs I adopted two mottos:  “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” and “Real artists ship”.

“Stay Hungry, Stay foolish”, because for me producing art is about development. It is about ascending the spiral of continuous experimenting and learning in pursuit of an artistic ideal which I might never reach, but occasionally see a glimpse of…

“Real artists ship” is about walking the fine line between being critical enough of one’s own work not to publish or exhibit “everything” on the one hand, and not becoming too critical and therefore not showing anything. I strongly believe that shipping helps to develop one’s artistic skills because it forces to see art through the eyes of the general public. It also forces artists to “finish” their work because observers cannot picture the intend of the artist in their heads, and fill in the gap between the work as it is and the work the artist intended to make.

What is your view on equipment?

I absolutely love to read, try-out and talk about gear! For instance every evening I quickly glance at the DPreview website. I am certainly not one of those photographers who say their equipment does not matter, and pretend they are not interested in the topic.

The reason is a very simple one: equipment does make a huge difference which pictures you can take under which circumstances. I loved my Nikon D70S, but am able to take pictures now with my Nikon D750 in low-light circumstances that would not have been possible with my D70S. This is also the reason why I mention the equipment that I use in most of my posts.

By the way: one of my favorite books is “At work” from Annie Leibovitz. In this book she explains which equipment she used for which shots and why.

Which camera’s do you currently use?

A Nikon D750 DSLR, a mirrorless Olympus OMD-EM10 (Mark I) and a Sony DSC-RX100 Mark I). The Nikon is my camera of choice when I operate under difficult lightning conditions, the Olympus is my default camera and my Sony is ‘the camera I have always with me’.

Recently however I purchased Panasonic Lumix G81 and GX80cameras for (4k) video work and I am extremely impressed by them. I find the new full format solutions (the S1 and the 1 SR very attractive as well, and am contemplating to move entirely to the Panasonic Lumix system.

Who is your favorite photographer?

There are a number of photographers whose work I admire: Annie Leibovitch, Anton Corbijn, Peter Lindbergh, Richard Avedon, Robin du Puy, Ansel Adams, David Bailey and many, many others.

My two absolute favorites are Annie Leibovitch and Anton Corbijn though. Annie Leibovitch because she opened my eyes for the power of photography with the pictures she took for American Express when I was 15 years old; Anton Corbijn because being a calvinist myself, I recognize one when I see one!