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From Steve Jobs I adopted two mottos for my art:  “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” and “Real artists ship”.

“Stay Hungry, Stay foolish”, because for me producing art is about development. It is about ascending the spiral of continuous experimenting and learning in pursuit of an artistic ideal which I might never reach, but occasionally see a glimpse of…

“Real artists ship” is about walking the fine line between being critical enough of one’s own work not to publish or exhibit “everything” on the one hand, and not becoming too critical and therefore not showing anything. I strongly believe that shipping helps to develop one’s artistic skills because it forces to see art through the eyes of the general public. It also forces artists to “finish” their work because observers cannot picture the intend of the artist in their heads, and fill in the gap between the work as it is and the work the artist intended to make.

My drive for photography stems from the fact that I am inspired to record God’s creation in all its diversity. I also like to talk about gear.  I am not one of those photographers  who say that equipment does not matter and who do not want to discuss the topic. I am interested in  discussing the equipment that I use. Not in a technical sense, but in the same manner as Annie Leibovitz does in her book “At work”. I like to explain which equipment works for me under which conditions and why. This is also the reason why I mention the equipment that I use in most of my posts.

Please feel free to contact me by e-mail: dutchaperture @ gmail.com

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