The original sound of Lakshmi Music


Very rarely you hear a band with a true original sound. I had this experience when I heard   the Dutch band Lakshmi on a festival a while ago.

It started with the line-up: there was a real (two person) string section, and got only better when the music started. It is difficult to describe the sound, the description that came to my mind was a mix of the Velvet Underground, Soft Cell and the Eurythmics.

The band and band members are relatively young and have a lot of ambition and potential. They definitely deserve and international audience and I am curious how far they will come!

All pictures taken with a  Nikon D70S camera in combination with a Tamron 18-200 (non VC) lens.



The Cool Quest

I did not hear about the Dutch band the Cool Quest before, but the text about them in the “Bevrijdingsfestival” (Liberation festival) brochure sounded promising. Their music turned out to be a great cross-over of hip-hop, soul and funk. Their performance was super: what a presence, what an enthusiasm! Highly recommend their songs “Funkin’ badass” and “Shine” – if only for the saxophone.

Cool Quest1 - Vincent Bergsma-091Cool Quest2 - Ilse de Vries-157Cool Quest3 - Sander Moorlag-050Cool Quest4 - Vadim Neef-101Cool Quest5 - Thies Bouwhuis-167Insta Coolquest duel-180

All pictures taken with my 10+ year old Nikon D70S and 4+ year old non-VR Tamron 18-200.

Liberation Day Concert The Hague 2016

Every year on May 5 The Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day in memory of the liberation of the Netherlands on May 5 1945 from the German occupation. On May 5 this year a series of concerts was held at the Malieveld in the Hague.

They day before I was advised, by the camerashop where I alway buy my gear, that my Nikon D70S camera and Tamron 18-200 lens did not have commercial value anymore. Hence I decided to take this camera and lens along to see if there was at least some artistic value in it.

During the afternoon I attended concerts of The cool quest, Lakshmi, Sarah-Jane and Ceux Qui Marchent Debout. The weather was great and the extremely relaxed atmosphere was even better. Here you can find my pictures of the audience. In upcoming posts I will share some pictures of these bands and enable you to judge if there is still some artistic potential in the camera and lens left.