Hiking the Habsburger Weg Part 3: From Brugg to Baden

The third part of the Habsburger Weg started in Brugg. This first part through Brugg was quite boring, except for the monastery in Brugg.

The journey became more interesting once I arrived in Königsfelden.

I really started to love Kürbis in this country!
Hydropower plant in the river Reuss
Church in Königsfelden
Railway bridge across the river Reuss
Where the Reuss and the Aare rivers meet…
…and continue as the Aare
‘Can we move on now?’

From there I walked to Turgi. A non-descriptive city, with the exception of the railway station, built in the form of a circle.

From there on the climb started to Chörnlisberg. I was not looking forward to the climb due to my calf muscle issue, and the fact that I am still recovering from COVID, but the climb was only 220 m, and very doable. 

Paddy waiting for his boss during the climb
Brugg in the mist
A big boulder – A reminder of the Jura era
Climbing the Chörnlisberg

The walk from Turgi to Baden through the forest was beautiful. I really enjoyed it!

Holes for snipers (part of the Swiss Defense Line in W II)

When we arrived in Baden, we came across the Stein castle. From there we had a great view across Baden, followed by an interesting descent into the Old City of Baden.

First view on Baden
Stein castle Baden
View on Baden from the Stein Castle

In the old city, I met two lovely people who also had a Stabyhoun, and who admired Paddy. We had a great conversation about Stabyhouns.

I am already looking forward to the 4th stretch of the Habsburger path!

All pictures were taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera and the Fujinon 18-135 3.5-5-6 lens

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