Gospelchor Thalwil: ‘Rock My Soul’

One of the greatest happenings in our church in Thalwil is the yearly performance of our local Gospelchoir. The choir consists of 30 singers, accompanied by a band consisting of Felix Bachmann (leader, dobro and banjo), Heidi Bachmann (bass), Andrea Vontobel (flute) and Hanspeter «Bibi» Honegger (drums), as well as choir member Sibylle Häfliger (violin).

On February 2, 2020, they performed their latest program ‘Rock my soul’. A mix of gospel classics and more modern songs (‘Sailing’!), choir songs and duets. This year’s performance was even more special, since, Felix Bachmann, the leader of the choir, announced his retirement. The choir thanked him by performing the Abba classic ‘Thank you for the music’.

Fortunately his successor is already know, so I am looking forward to another great performance next year!

Nikon D750 | Nikkor 20-35 mm 2.8 | Tamron 28-75 mm 28

A super trio is born!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a concert of Trio Lusinea. Trio Lusinea is an unusual combination of three instruments: a bassoon, a flute and a harp. The trio consists of three friends and world-class musicians: Valeria Curti (Bassoon), Isabel Goller (Harp) and Annina Rusch (Flute). In the cozy environment of Atelier 17A in Zurich, they played works of Ravel,Yun, Glinka, Bozza and Jolivet.

It was a fantastic event and if their performance made one thing clear it was this: a new super trio is born.

Thanks, Valeria, Isabel, and Annina. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing you again soon!

Konzert Atelier 17A-1Konzert Atelier 17A-2Konzert Atelier 17A-3Konzert Atelier 17A-4Konzert Atelier 17A-5Konzert Atelier 17A-6Konzert Atelier 17A-7Konzert Atelier 17A-8Konzert Atelier 17A-9Konzert Atelier 17A-10Konzert Atelier 17A-11Konzert Atelier 17A-12Konzert Atelier 17A-13Konzert Atelier 17A-15Konzert Atelier 17A-16

Equipment: Panasonic Lumix G7 | Olympus 17mm1.8 | Olympus 45mm1.8 |Panasonic 14-42 3.5-5.6


Tribute to Martin Luther King in Thalwil (CH)

Today it is Martin Luther King Day. Yesterday evening I had the pleasure to attend ‘I have a dream – Hommage an Martin Luther King’ in the Kirchgemeindehaus Thalwil. A beautiful performance by Vera Bauer (Text & Design), Christina Jaccard (Vocals), Dave Ruosch (Piano) and Steve Grant (Drums). The performers really managed to bring Martin Luther King, his family and the era of the civil rights movements, to life.

Thank you Evangelisch Reformierte Kirche Thalwil and Jazzclub Thalwil for this wonderful co-production!

mlk thalwil-1mlk thalwil-2

mlk thalwil-3
Vera Bauer

mlk thalwil-4
Christina Jaccard

mlk thalwil-5mlk thalwil-6

mlk thalwil-7
Dave Ruosch

mlk thalwil-8mlk thalwil-9mlk thalwil-10mlk thalwil-11mlk thalwil-12mlk thalwil-13mlk thalwil-14mlk thalwil-15mlk thalwil-16mlk thalwil-17mlk thalwil-18mlk thalwil-19mlk thalwil-20mlk thalwil-21

mlk thalwil-22
Steve Grant

mlk thalwil-23

Equipment: Nikon D750 – Tamron 28-75



Ensemble Points Cardinaux in Thalwil

I am very grateful for the fact that the Reformed Church of Thalwil regularly organizes concerts. Last Sunday a concert was given by the Ensemble Points Cardinaux. The members of the Points Cardinaux ensemble think that German composer Georg Philip Telemann is underrated compared to his contemporaries J.S. Bach and G.F. Händel. For this reason, they decided to develop a special program ‘A Magdeburger in Paris’. A program which did not only feature work of Telemann but also of Francois Couperin and Jean-Martin Hotteterre.

It was a beautiful concert, the audience was so enthusiastic that the asked for (and got) and encore. Thank you Stephanie Haensler (violin), Denise Fischer Baumann (flute), Alex Jellici (viola da gamba) and Matthias Lanz (harpsichord) for giving the audience such a beautiful evening. Thank you Reformierte Kirche Thalwil for organizing this.Point Cardinaux TMP-1Point Cardinaux TMP-2Point Cardinaux TMP-3Point Cardinaux TMP-4Point Cardinaux TMP-5Point Cardinaux TMP-6Point Cardinaux TMP-7Point Cardinaux TMP-8Point Cardinaux TMP-9Point Cardinaux TMP-10Point Cardinaux TMP-11Point Cardinaux TMP-12Point Cardinaux TMP-13Point Cardinaux TMP-14Point Cardinaux TMP-15Point Cardinaux TMP-16Point Cardinaux TMP-17Point Cardinaux TMP-18

All pictures taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100


Concert Son Mieux The Hague

Since 1989 the city of the Hague has a tradition to organize rock concerts on different stages in the city center on the night before Kings’s day (April 27). This year I took the opportunity to attend a concert of the Dutch band ‘Son Mieux’. I must admit I never heard about them, but it turned out to be a great gig. Their music is highly original, and I keep playing their songs Feels. and Easy on Spotify.

Unfortunately ,I was not the only one who liked their music: due to the massive crowd and the number of people in front of the stage, I could only take pictures from a single angle. This angle made it difficult to take good pictures from other band members than the singer and the base player.

However, I hope to have an opportunity to see (and hear!) them again sometime in the near future, and to be able to take more varied pictures then.


Pictures taken with Olympus OMD EM10 camera (Mark I) and Zuiko 14-42 3.5-5.6 mm lens, Recorded in RAW, post-processed with Adobe Lightroom.