Ensemble Points Cardinaux in Thalwil

I am very grateful for the fact that the Reformed Church of Thalwil regularly organizes concerts. Last Sunday a concert was given by the Ensemble Points Cardinaux. The members of the Points Cardinaux ensemble think that German composer Georg Philip Telemann is underrated compared to his contemporaries J.S. Bach and G.F. Händel. For this reason, they decided to develop a special program ‘A Magdeburger in Paris’. A program which did not only feature work of Telemann but also of Francois Couperin and Jean-Martin Hotteterre.

It was a beautiful concert, the audience was so enthusiastic that the asked for (and got) and encore. Thank you Stephanie Haensler (violin), Denise Fischer Baumann (flute), Alex Jellici (viola da gamba) and Matthias Lanz (harpsichord) for giving the audience such a beautiful evening. Thank you Reformierte Kirche Thalwil for organizing this.Point Cardinaux TMP-1Point Cardinaux TMP-2Point Cardinaux TMP-3Point Cardinaux TMP-4Point Cardinaux TMP-5Point Cardinaux TMP-6Point Cardinaux TMP-7Point Cardinaux TMP-8Point Cardinaux TMP-9Point Cardinaux TMP-10Point Cardinaux TMP-11Point Cardinaux TMP-12Point Cardinaux TMP-13Point Cardinaux TMP-14Point Cardinaux TMP-15Point Cardinaux TMP-16Point Cardinaux TMP-17Point Cardinaux TMP-18

All pictures taken with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC RX100


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