Hiking the Habsburger Weg Part 1: From Seengen to Lenzburg

Normally I reserve the summer period and early autumn for hikes high up in the mountains, however, due to a leg injury, these types of hikes are out of the question for now. Therefore, I decided to hike through the flatter parts of Switzerland, until the condition of my leg permits me to go on more adventurous hikes again.

Since the Canton of Aargau is one of these flatter parts of Switzerland, and is adjacent to the Canton of Zurich where I live, this seemed like a good place to start.

I decided to start walking the Habsburger Weg (Habsburg Path). In this post I will describe the first part of this path: from Seengen to Lenzburg.

Paddy (my Stabyhoun) and I had a lovely train ride to Lenzburg. Along the way we could observe a rather absurd attempt to replicate the atmosphere of the October (Bier) Fest in the hall of the Central Station of Zurich.

I also had the opportunity to start reading ‘The salt path’ by Raynor Winn’. A fantastic book about a couple who, after losing all their possessions, and with one of the partners being diagnosed with a terminal illness, decided to walk the 630 mile long South West Coast Path in the UK.

After arriving in Lenzburg, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me for me as a railway fanatic: I had to transfer to the one-track train line from Lenzburg to Luzern to travel to Boniswil!

In Boniswil I started walking to Seengen, the formal starting point of the Habsburger path. Not only was the walk from Boniswil to Seengen a bit boring – it was also drizzling.

However, after arriving in Seengen, I had the opportunity to admire the Hallwyl castle. A beautiful castle in a pristine state.

When I left Boniswil for the hike to Lenzburg, the rain turned from drizzle to an outpouring. I was very happy that I had brought a weathersealed camera (the Fujifilm X-T2) and lens with me (the Fujinon 18-135 3.5-5.6).

The hike from Boniswil to Lenzburg was ok, but a bit boring at times. The largest part (I estimate 75%) was across flat farmlands, however I really enjoyed being out in the open with my dog, if only to mentally prepare myself for another intense week in the office.

After arriving in Lenzburg, I was able to get a glimpse of the Lenzburg castle. Only a glimpse, because I had to hurry to catch my train. I am looking forward to returning here soon though, for the second part of the Habsburger way.

All pictures taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 camera and the Fujinon 18-135 3.5-5-6 lens

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