Mysticism in Zurich Oberland!

As a staunch Calvinist, I never felt attracted to Pantheism. However, I do feel that nature sometimes wakes the mystic in me.

Yesterday was no exception. I hiked from Steg (CH) to Bäretswil (CH), via the Täuferhöhle. All day, there was a thick fog, up around 500 m, but higher up there was sunshine. When I looked down the valley, I had the idea of looking into a lake. Hills above the top of the clouds made the impression of being islands in this lake.

I also managed to visit a famous cave, called the ‘Anabaptist cave’. Here anabaptists secretly gathered for their worship services after the reformation. They were heavily prosecuted, due to the combination of their denial of infant baptism, and their refusal to pay taxes.

The combination of woods, fog, and a cave did not only stir mystic feelings in me but apparently also in a lady who was preparing a kind of Swiss shaman service. She encouraged me to greet the individual she had with her in an urn, and whose ashes would be spread in the woods later.

Here you can find all pictures I made during this hike in high resolution on Flickr.

Here you can find the video of my hike on Youtube.

All pictures were taken with the Lumix S5 camera and the Lumix 20-60 3.5-5.6 lens

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