Walking from Leiden to Hazerswoude: The world is flat

This weekend I walked with friends from Leiden to Hazerswoude. Leiden is a beautiful old town, home to the oldest university in the Netherlands and birthplace of Rembrandt. Hazerswoude is a small village in the ‘green heart’ of the Netherlands. The green heart is an area of 2.500 square km, situated between four largest cities of the Netherlands: The Hague, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

Growing up in different places in this green heart, the hypothesis that the world was flat seemed to make sense. The green heart is one of the flattest pieces of the earth I have ever seen, and, after seeing some of my pictures, I am sure you will agree.

As a side note: the weather provided a great opportunity to test the weather sealing capabilities of my Lumix G81 camera and Panasonic 12-60 mm 3.5-5.6 lens. Pretty good actually…

Bakkerij http://www.usbertus.nl
Museum de Bommelzolder http://www.bommelzolder.nl

Lumix G81 camera | Panasonic 12-60 mm 3.5-5.6 lens

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