Road Trip with two BMW 325i E30 convertibles to Schwyz

As proud owners of a 28+ year old BMW BMW 325i E30,we decided to take a short trip with another couple, who were in possession of the same type of car. At the end of May 2017 we drove from Zurich along the Aegerisee to Schwyz. From there we drove back by the Sihlsee, Egg and Freienbach.

Road Trip Schwyz WP-1

Road Trip Schwyz WP-2

Road Trip Schwyz WP-3

Road Trip Schwyz WP-4
House in Schwyz

Road Trip Schwyz WP-5
Kantonsschule Kollegium Schwyz

Road Trip Schwyz WP-6
Mountain range between Schwyz and Euthal

Road Trip Schwyz WP-7
Last look on the Lauerzersee

Road Trip Schwyz WP-8
Transporting the cows from the stable to the meadow near Egg

Road Trip Schwyz WP-9
Right of way

Road Trip Schwyz WP-10
Crossing the mountain pass

Road Trip Schwyz WP-11
A moment of rest after a job well done

Road Trip Schwyz WP-12
The last stretch

Pictures taken with a Nikon D750 camera, Nikkor 20-35 2.8 mm and Tamron 28-75 2.8 mm lenses. Recorded in Raw, post-processed with Adobe Lightroom.


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