The original sound of Lakshmi Music


Very rarely you hear a band with a true original sound. I had this experience when I heard   the Dutch band Lakshmi on a festival a while ago.

It started with the line-up: there was a real (two person) string section, and got only better when the music started. It is difficult to describe the sound, the description that came to my mind was a mix of the Velvet Underground, Soft Cell and the Eurythmics.

The band and band members are relatively young and have a lot of ambition and potential. They definitely deserve and international audience and I am curious how far they will come!

All pictures taken with a  Nikon D70S camera in combination with a Tamron 18-200 (non VC) lens.



Sarah Jane: Soul with a capital S!

I really enjoyed the performance of Dutch singer Sarah-Jane and her band at the 2016 Bevrijdingsfestival in the Hague. A great combination of self-confidence, beautiful voices (incl. Kimberley Janice and Lola Green), great musicianship and an overdose of enthusiasm.

Insta Sarah-Jane-374Insta Sarah-Jane BGS2-404Insta Sarah-Jane Lola Green-379Insta Sarah-Jane Drummer-370

Insta Sarah-Jane2-381