The Cool Quest

I did not hear about the Dutch band the Cool Quest before, but the text about them in the “Bevrijdingsfestival” (Liberation festival) brochure sounded promising. Their music turned out to be a great cross-over of hip-hop, soul and funk. Their performance was super: what a presence, what an enthusiasm! Highly recommend their songs “Funkin’ badass” and “Shine” – if only for the saxophone.

Cool Quest1 - Vincent Bergsma-091Cool Quest2 - Ilse de Vries-157Cool Quest3 - Sander Moorlag-050Cool Quest4 - Vadim Neef-101Cool Quest5 - Thies Bouwhuis-167Insta Coolquest duel-180

All pictures taken with my 10+ year old Nikon D70S and 4+ year old non-VR Tamron 18-200.

Liberation Day Concert The Hague 2016

Every year on May 5 The Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day in memory of the liberation of the Netherlands on May 5 1945 from the German occupation. On May 5 this year a series of concerts was held at the Malieveld in the Hague.

They day before I was advised, by the camerashop where I alway buy my gear, that my Nikon D70S camera and Tamron 18-200 lens did not have commercial value anymore. Hence I decided to take this camera and lens along to see if there was at least some artistic value in it.

During the afternoon I attended concerts of The cool quest, Lakshmi, Sarah-Jane and Ceux Qui Marchent Debout. The weather was great and the extremely relaxed atmosphere was even better. Here you can find my pictures of the audience. In upcoming posts I will share some pictures of these bands and enable you to judge if there is still some artistic potential in the camera and lens left.

Jubilee Zürich Museum Bahn (ZMB)

On May 15, 2016 I more or less happened to stumble on the 20 years Jubilee of the Zürich Museum Bahn (ZMB) in Sihlwald. Great Rolling Stock and a great atmosphere. Luckily I happended to have have my Olympus OM-D-E-M10 and 9-18 lens with me  and could take some nice shots of the event. I used Lightroom for post processing.